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New Affiliate: Dorkistic

I’ve finished my sophomore year of college and ended it on the best note possible: a 4.0 GPA! Three A+s, one A and a pass from my simple online class. (It was pass/fail.) I’m so excited about it and I’m just glad that both of my big projects turned out with A+ grades.

Now I’m on to summer… which means house work. xD My mom and I are selling our old house but, first, we need to do lots of renovations, which means cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. Oh well, at least I’m earning a new hobby piece out of it. Mom’s agreed that, because I’m missing out on work because of needing to help her, she’d “pay me” in a new BJD that I’ve been wanting for a while.

Site updates aren’t that big. I’ve got a great new affiliate, but that’s about it. I have a request and a few other things to get up, but that will come along once my apartment is finished up and I get home.

Sorry this update is so short! If I had more I’d let you know, but my apartment work has taken all of my time right now. I hope to get some finished pictures up eventually for you guys to see, but there’s a lot more work to do and things to bring up before I can do that!

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So Downtime Happened


Site Updates

New Requests Page: Click!

Hello everyone! So, if you’ve been wondering what that downtime over the past couple days was here’s the answer: domain transfer. Nothing to worry about or anything, I was just transferring my domain name over to my new hosting service so I could keep everything in one place. Sadly, this caused a bit of downtime and prevented me from doing any updates on anything… But I’m completely back now!

The only site update I have other than that is that the requests page is now up and running! If you have any resource requests or ideas please submit them there. you can find it in the resources area of the site. I’ll take ideas and requests with any resource type, from coded layouts to icon textures.

Life-wise I’ve been extraordinarily busy! I have finals coming up, which include 2 GCOM projects, 2 physical tests and 3 papers to turn in. (I really wanna get those done by tomorrow night, considering they’re only 1-2 pages long for each one… And they’re all opinion-based!) Thankfully, my friend and I are getting together tonight to finish up our group final project, the 3D modeling one I’ve been talking about. We both think we should be able to finish it by tonight if we work hard, so that’s good! I still have to clothe my Pokemon trainer and texture everything, but then we should be able to get started on the arena.

I’ve also got even better news when it comes to my apartment! I turned everything in and got approved the same day, so the place is officially mine! I also went furniture shopping with my boyfriend at this unclaimed freight furniture mart. Everything was on sale, cheaper than other places and fit my modern look so well! I was able to get all of my larger furniture pieces for about half of my budget, so that was awesome. Hopefully when I get moved in I can do a small photo tour of my place for you all!

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