First Layout


Site Updates

1 new coded layout: Butterfly
2 new affiliates: HeyLove and Loveboxx

Hello all! I’d like to introduce my first coded layout of Shadowed Force version 2. I got it as a request a couple weeks ago and just finished it today. Life’s been keeping me busy, especially with the Easter holidays and finals coming up. Hopefully summer will be a bit less hectic, but I’m not quite sure…

I’ll also be opening requests for content in the next couple weeks. I’ve been asked a couple times for them and just took the one layout request not expecting many more, though I guess my work was a bit more popular than I thought! xD But I will be creating a form for such requests that will be open at times so I can take suggestions and ideas. Do note, though, that all of my request work will also go up for public use on my site here. I’ll be providing commission information as well for those who want anything custom!

Luckily, I have other good news! I put in an application for an apartment and should be able to get in by May 1st! My very first place by myself where I’ll finally have enough space to work on cosplay, BJD stuff and other fun things. It’s only about 5 minutes away from my college campus and is in great condition. Comes with a garage, too, so that will help keep my Jeep safe!

I also have finals for school coming up in about a month but I don’t think they should be too hard. My classes are going really well so far and all I have to do still is a couple projects for my major class and write some papers. If I slowly work at those, though, it shouldn’t be too overwhelming. Plus our library finally finished construction so I go there a lot. It’s absolutely amazing!

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Crazy Weekend


Site Updates

3 new 100×100 Icons: Model Themed
2 new affiliates: Sphynxx and UKDevils

First I’ll start with site updates! I’ve got 2 wonderful new affiliates with me and have added up 3 100×100 icons. I know it’s not much, but with what you’ll read below you’ll know why I haven’t gotten much up quiet yet… xD I also have added hosting back up, but I’m keeping it simple and basic this time. Feel free to check it out here if you’re interested in a subdomain or domain with me!

These last few days have been one of the most fun, but stressful, days of the year. Last year I took on the job of Social Orientation Counselor for my school and was accepted to be one again this year. Basically I’m part of a large group of students who take care of freshman and transfer students when they register for classes and during their orientation week in the Fall. I loved being one last year and thought it would be a lot of fun to continue it!

This week marked the first of my registration day adventures. I mingled with students and their parents, answered questions, gave campus tours and even manned the table for our honors program. (My boss, the director of the program, was away on an honors trip so she left me in charge of it. ><) I met a lot of people who were interested in the program and even got a few people to join!

However, with this comes the horrible thing of getting up at 6 in the morning and, most likely, going to bed around midnight each night. It’s a ton of work, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. At least now I have time off until June when I’ll be coming back up to help out with 3 more days.

Another awesome thing about it is that one of my best friends from high school is transferring up here! He hasn’t been fond of where he had to go for his first 2 years so he’s switching to where myself and my boyfriend are because he’s been really impressed with how the administration run the school and what programs we have. I can’t wait to show him around in June!

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