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Well, my long day job is now over for another year. Over the last 2 weeks I have been working as a Student Orientation Counselor for my university. Basically, it means I help freshman, transfer and international students learn our campus and make them feel welcome. This was my second year doing it and I had just as much, if not more, fun as I did in 2013! The students seemed more willing to get to know us and not many had that “too cool for school” attitude, which was refreshing.

I worked as a transfer SOC this year (which I thought was kind of weird because I wasn’t a transfer student…) so I got to know our domestic and international transfers, exchanges, etc. I never thought I’d get to say I have new friends from the UK, Norway or India, but I do! They are all fantastic people and were really excited to get to know what it’s like in America/Minnesota. I giggled a little, though, because a lot of them thought that when they stepped off the plane that it would be blistering cold and snowy already. It was kind of funny to tell them that we still do have summers here, but I don’t know if it helped that our administration showed them photos and told stories about frostbite, losing limbs, etc on their first day here. Hey, gotta tell them to dress warm for winter somehow!

Not only did we get to know a lot of new students but we also, as a large group of SOCs, put on a lot of different events for them all to attend. Every year we get split up into different groups that focus on certain events. Everyone attends them and helps the main group out, but the main group ends up being like the authority figures of that event. I got so lucky that I got put into the dance/pool party group, because last year I was check-in. I’d much rather work with one of the more enjoyable events! I was elected the music person as well, so I helped with getting our pool party playlist going and getting music for another event. Overall, though, the dance was awesome with all the light shows and glowsticks!

Some of the other events we had was a comedy show featuring Pete Lee and an SNL-esque comedy show put on by us SOCs. We all put together our own skits and got a lot of huge laughs. My group did a dating site that made fun of our rival school and I was also a part of the “Surprise Party” skit that SNL did. (Look up “Surprise Party SNL” if you want to see it. It’s hilarious!) That one got huge roars because one of my friends in that skit did some improv with a huuuuuuuge spit take right in my face. He planned it but didn’t tell anyone else, so he’s lucky I’m not the kind of person who would get mad at that. Last, but not least, we did the “Substitute Teacher” skit that Comedy Central did. My friend, who is usually quiet and nice, was Mr. Garvey, so it was really funny to see him get angry and break a clipboard.

Even though 3rd years are rarely rehired I think I’m going to try again next year too. Usually they believe that you’ve gotten as much as you can out of the program after your second year, but it’s worth a shot! I love my fellow SOCs way too much to not try. When we had to say goodbye on the last day I almost started crying because they’re like family now. At least we all go to the same, small university so we’ll still see each other around!

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Sorry About That!

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New site layout

As you may have noticed I have been a bit inactive… So I’m sorry for that. I’ve been really busy at home and with school jobs that I’ve become distracted to my own blog.

That house work I talked about during the last update is coming along… slowly. We’ve got my room gutted and are ready to move my furniture up to my apartment and now we’re hoping to get the other bedroom and my bathroom finished before I leave for school. Haven’t found my Pokemon stuffed animals but I’m sure they’ll turn up eventually.

Anyway, I’m sure you’ve noticed the new site layout! A new season, a new theme. I wanted something brighter to start out the new school year and the old layout was kind of boring me. I’m really happy with it, actually. Got to use all of my favorite colors this time!

In the future I might have a poll for you guys to figure out what new content you might be interested in. I’m feeling rather uninspired lately and could use some help. If you guys know any ideas feel free to leave a comment here or in my Cbox on what you’d like to have here.

I’m also closing requests for right now and, unfortunately, must cancel current ones. My time’s been pretty filled, even though it’s the summer, and I’m afraid I can’t take on any more than I already have. I may reopen requests later when I have more time.

Well, that’s about all I have for the day. Hope you guys like the new layout!

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